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“Hooker Falls Photo Bomb” painting. Oil on Basswood panel (H12in. x W48in. x D11/4in.)

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I am an artist living currently in Camden, South Carolina. I began drawing and painting from early childhood. My mother encouraged creativity throughout my childhood. I Found it difficult to stay interested in my general grade school classes. No internet then. I would have a mix of half taken notes and drawings of classmates and random images I day dreamed about to study from for the next test. In high school my art teachers persuaded me to attend art school. I got a partial scholarship to a visual art school. Feeling special that I was excepted to a school for the visual arts with a partial scholarship I enrolled. I had my own ideas I wanted to create and I wasn’t much interested in some of the professors assignments at the time. Of course, I did them anyway considering it could be a beneficial skilI I could use. I made good marks and enjoyed the atmosphere of my surroundings and made fast friends with some of the classmates. There were professors that had a highly enthusiastic vibe that made an impression on me and some instructors that I felt were absent and indifferent. A mixed bag to say the least. We all all have our favorite flavor. It was an interesting swirl of colleagues and professionals and I have fond memories of the times spent at the Art Schools.

Then the partial scholarship money soon dried up and after my junior year I wasn’t able to continue my art education so I dropped out. Trying to make the best of the situation and not willing to amputate my dream. I continued making art and took various day labor jobs the following years. I had a stint in the Navy. After the Navy I decided to work in manufacturing. I worked for years in manufacturing. Slowly the grind was turning me into a work droid. I began to feel very uncomfortable with the mundane work. I pushed my desire to create art into a dark corner. I stopped drawing, painting and making art. I worked nights for years. I felt like a dead man walking. Just another cog in the machine.

“Cold Hands Warm Heart” Paintings. Four Oil Paintings on Basswood Panel. 2 (H8in. x W8in.) 2 (H14in. x W11in.)

After not making any art for some time. I had a work partner ask for a tattoo drawing. That got me thinking creatively again. I occasionally drew tattoos up for work associates for pocket change. Just a small side hustle. One day I decided I wanted a tattoo. After drawing it up I went to an artist and had it tattooed. I was looking for a new place to get my next tattoo and I discovered a unique tattoo studio in a little purple house. A couple of years and a number of tattoo sessions later the conversation about art came up and I told her I used to paint. She said “I didn’t know you were a painter”?! We made a deal. A painting for a tattoo! This brought new light into my wearisome soul. I began to paint again. The brushes have stayed wet since. Always one painting on the easel and considering the next.

I continued to work in manufacturing and painted on my time off. Never really feeling ok working nights. Who is? It really effects your well being over prolonged periods of time. I continued on though, until one night I suffered a work accident. It caused permanent back issues and I had to do rehabilitation. Looking back I think the accident was a blessing. It required me to think about this short and fragile life. I had to make a positive change. Working nights and sleeping days? It was not for me. I had to turn to the next chapter.

“Artsch Support” Painting. Oil Painting on basswood panel. (H24in. x W12in. x D3/4in.)

Now I get to spend time out on my delivery route in the evenings. I discover new prospects for painting. Areas that give a certain charm in the changing light. Local characters that I see and chat with when I’m out delivering food. We artists are just glorified laborers, really. I feel I am fully focused when I paint. I don’t reflect on the past, I am not concerned about the future. I am 100% present in the moment. All we have really is right now! It’s a less boxed in life for me these days. Just loving the journey, really!

“Sweet” Oil on Canvas (h16in. x w20in. x d1/2in.)

I paint what I love. I paint life like a visual journal. First, I paint loose out on location. Then I work in a representational aspect from painted studies and photos. I paint dreamstate elements onto my paintings to keep it interesting from time to time. My approach and application for painting is ever evolving with each new work, really.

“Fog Clearing and 5 G Free” Painting. Oil on birch and Basswood Panels. 3 (H14in x W18in x d1 1/4in.) Panels

I lived and worked at Yellowstone park. I worked in the kitchen and spent my free time exploring and painting my impression of the park and it’s tourists. Yellowstone is an amazing place. I focused on painting the landscape at first. Then in my studio looking through my quick studies and photos. I began to feel the experience was also the interactions of the tourists with the animals and landscape. The heards of people getting a look at the animals. All armed with a camera pointed towards a moose chilling on the hillside like a superstar. Yellowstone made a huge impression on me and I experienced personal growth as a painter from the opportunity there.

“Procession Alongside Minerva Terrace” Painting. Oil Painting on Basswood Panel. (H18in. x W24in. x D3/4in.)

“Couple at Firehole Lake” Painting. Oil painting on basswood. H24in. x W18in. x D3/4in.)

Currently, I am painting a group of paintings inspired from living in Yellowstone National Park. I also enjoy painting portraits of my better half and I. I offer commissioned paintings for anyone interested in a portrait.

“Videographer at Yellowstone Lake” Painting. Oil on Basswood Panel. (H14in. x W18in. x D3/4in.)

“Grand Pana Prismatic Geyser” Painting. Oil Painting on Two Basswood Panels. 2 (H18in. x W24in. x D3/4in.) Panels.

“Norris Geyser Basin” painting. Oil painting on basswood panel. (11in. x 14in. x 3/4in.)

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“Darci ” Painting. Oil on Basswood Panel. (H14in x W11in x D3/4in)

“Grace and George” Painting. Oil painting on basswood panel. (H8in. x W8in. x D1/2in.)

“Sadie” Painting. A small oil painting on basswood. (H8in. x W8in. x D1/2in.)

“The General” Painting. Oil painting on basswood. (H8in. x W8in. x D1/2in.)

“Odin” Painting. Oil Painting on basswood Panel. (H24in. x W18in. x 3/4in.)