About the Artist

Adding layers of color to the “Skimmers ” painting. A work in progress. The Sunbrella, not pictured above. Gave a red reflective light. Thinking that was going to be a problem turned out to be a positive. It lightened my color mix on the pallete and brightened up the painting. Very pleased with the results!

Welcome to Brilliams Art! I am a painter and have made art all my life. At Brilliams Art you will view artwork from two series. The first group of paintings began five years ago and is entitled “Turn it Up, Light is Low” series. The second group of paintings began two years ago and is entitled the “Oblivion is Bliss” series. Have a look around. Click the star icon in the social media menu to view more details about the art at my Artwork Archive.com site. Feel free to share on social media or email me if you have any questions or comments about the art. Thank you for visiting!

Music “trip” by KV