Oil on Canvas (42w x 12h x 2d in. image) (43.5w x 13.5h x 2.25d in. framed)

This is the first painting of the “Oblivion is Bliss” series. I painted it with the intentions of capturing the feel of that day. The weather beaten and damaged pier fascinated me while I was walking along the beach. Crews of construction workers building up the eroded beach during the tourist off season. I thought that if it wasn’t for the beach houses there, no one would even have a concern about the erosion. It is nature doing what it does naturally. I wanted to give a sense of symmetry to the painting. The painting gives the viewer, both the sense of open space and a sense of confined space. Can you feel the wide open sky and the rising tide?

"Disaster Peace" I Painting

"Disaster Peace" I   Oil on Canvas   (H12in. x W42in. x D2in.)  3 Panels in a black wood frame