About the Artist

“Norris Geyser Basin Boardwalk”
Oil on sized Board
(w 14in. x h 11in. x d 1in.)
“Yellowstone Lake Peninsula Rock” (9 in. x 36 in. x 1 in.) Triptych. Oil on sized Board
This is a work in progress (w.i.p) of “Artist Point” (w 11in. x h 28in. x d 1in.) Diptych Oil on sized Board.

Welcome to Brilliams Art! I am an artist from South Carolina and have made art most of my life. I lived and worked at Yellowstone National Park last summer season. The park was an amazing place to live. I focused on landscape painting there. I also have two series of paintings that have been on going for sometime. The first group of paintings is called “Turn it Up, Light is Low” series. The second group of paintings is called “Oblivion is Bliss” series. There are also some random one off paintings I do occasionally that aren’t a part of any series. So take your time and check back occasionally to see new added work.

Working on my latest painting on New Years day. “Sharing is Caring.”
“Sharing is Caring” Oil on Canvas (h 16in. x w 20in. x d 3/4in.)

Thank you, for visiting!

Musical track “Calm” by Barradeen