About the Artist

“Hooker Falls Photo Bomb” painting. Oil on Basswood panel (H12in. x W48in. x D11/4in.)

Welcome to Brilliams.Art. I am an artist living currently in Camden, South Carolina. I began drawing and painting from early childhood. My mother encouraged creativity. I was advised by my high school art teachers to attend art school. I attended SCAD for 1 year, then transferred to Atlanta College of Art for my sophomore and junior year. My scholarship money dried up and I wasn’t able to continue my art education so I dropped out of college. I continued making art and took various day labor jobs the following years. I had a stint in the Navy as a CB. After the Navy I decided to work in manufacturing. I worked for years in manufacturing. Slowly I began to feel very uncomfortable with the mundane work. I stopped drawing, painting and making art. I worked nights for years. I felt like a dead man walking. Just another cog in the machine.

“Cold Hands Warm Heart” Paintings. Four Oil Paintings on Basswood Panel. 2 (H8in. x W8in.) 2 (H14in. x W11in.)

I occasionally drew tattoos up for work associates for a small fee. One day I decided I wanted a tattoo. After drawing it up I went to an artist and had it tattooed. I was looking for a new place to get my next tattoo and I discovered a unique little tattoo studio in a purple house. A couple of years and a number of tattoo sessions later the conversation about art came up and I told her I used to paint. She said “I didn’t know you were a painter”? She gave me an assignment. A painting for a tattoo! This brought new light into my dark and exhausted soul. I began to paint again. The brushes have stayed wet since. Always one painting on the easel and considering the next painting in the back of my mind.

I continued to work in manufacturing and painted when I could. Never really ok with working nights. Who is? It really effects your health. I continued on though, until one night I suffered a work accident. It caused permanent back issues and I I had to change my occupation. Looking back I think it was a blessing. Working nights and sleeping days? A nightmare for an artist. Now, I work days as a pizza delivery driver. I get to spend time outside cruising around and I discover new prospects for painting. Areas that have a certain charm in the setting sun light. Local characters that I see weekly when I’m out delivering pizza. A large blank wall that has potential to be a cool mural. We artists are glorified blue collar workers really. There is no past and no future to build for. All we have really is right now! It’s a less boxed in life for me these days and I am loving the journey.

“Artsch Support” Painting. Oil Painting on basswood panel. (H24in. x W12in. x D3/4in.)

I paint life like a visual journal. I paint a mix of impressionism, representational and subtle surrealism. Currently, I am painting a group of paintings inspired from living in Yellowstone National Park. I also enjoy painting portraits of my better half and I. I offer commissioned paintings for anyone interested in a portrait.

“Procession Alongside Minerva Terrace” Painting. Oil Painting on Basswood Panel. (H18in. x W24in. x D3/4in.)

“Couple at Firehole Lake” Painting. Oil painting on basswood. H24in. x W18in. x D3/4in.)

“Videographer at Yellowstone Lake” Painting. Oil on Basswood Panel. (H14in. x W18in. x D3/4in.)

“Excelsior Crater 93” Painting. Oil Painting on Basswood Panel. (H18in. x W24in. x D3/4in.)

“Grand Pana Prismatic Geyser” Painting. Oil Painting on Two Basswood Panels. 2 (H18in. x W24in. x D3/4in.) Panels.

I lived and worked at Yellowstone park. I worked in the kitchen and spent my free time exploring and painting my impression of the park. Yellowstone is an amazing place to live. I focused on painting while there and I still paint landscape paintings from my Yellowstone park stay.

“Norris Geyser Basin” painting. Oil painting on basswood panel. (11in. x 14in. x 3/4in.)

I paint Portraits. People Portraits, Pet Portraits. Any digital photo portrait you would like to have painted. I use linear inch rate plus materials to determine painted portrait cost. Take a look around at the paintings. I also offer limited edition canvas prints and printed everyday items for sale.

Want a quote for a Portrait Painting? Or have any other questions? Call or Text to (803) 669-1001 or E-mail Brilliamsartinfo@gmail.com.

“Grace and George” Painting. Oil painting on basswood panel. (H8in. x W8in. x D1/2in.)

“Sadie” Painting. A small oil painting on basswood. (H8in. x W8in. x D1/2in.)

“Bella and Ruby” Painting. Oil on basswood. (H11in. x W14in. x D3/4).

“The General” Painting. Oil painting on basswood. (H8in. x W8in. x D1/2in.)

“Odin” Painting. Oil Painting on basswood Panel. (H24in. x W18in. x 3/4in.)