About the Artist

At Yellowstone Lake with a friend Adam taking photos and enjoying the serenity at the end of the day.
Yellowstone Lake (9 x 11 in.) oil on board
Panoramic photo of the Lake just be fore the sunset.

Welcome to Brilliams Art! I am an artist from South Carolina and have made art most of my life. I’m currently living and working at Yellowstone National Park. I am focusing on landscape painting here.The park is an amazing place to live. I also have two series of paintings that have been on going for sometime. The first group of paintings is called “Turn it Up, Light is Low” series. The second group of paintings is called “Oblivion is Bliss” series. These painting are more conceptualized than representational. I hope to pick up where I left off with these paintings when I return to South Carolina ><} {>< So currently I hope to add more of the Yellowstone paintings for now.

Thanks for visiting!

Minerva Terrace (11 x 14 in.) oil on board
Picture taken on the switch back near Mt. Washburn
Music by Barredeen “The girl I haven’t met”