About the Artist

Welcome to Brilliams.Art! I am an artist living in South Carolina and have been painting and drawing since I can remember. I paint life like a visual journal. Currently, I am painting snapshot portraits of people and pets.

A painting of a videographer at Yellowstone Lake. Oil over acrylic on basswood panel. (14in.h x 18in.w)
Oil painting of Excelsior Geyser. Oil over acrylic on basswood panel. (18in.h x 24in.w)
A painting of the Grand Prismatic Geyser. “Grand Pana Prismatic ” 2 panels (18in. x 48in.) Oil over acrylic on 2 sized basswood panels.

I lived and worked at Yellowstone National Park during the summer of 2019. The park is an amazing and sometimes frightening place to live. I focused on landscape painting while there and I still paint landscape paintings from my Yellowstone park stay.

“Norris Geyser Basin” painting. Oil on Sized Basswood. (11in. x 14in. x 3/4in.)

“Yellowstone Lake Peninsula” Painting. The 5th in the Yellowstone Series. Oil on sized Basswood. 3 (9in. x 12in. x 3/4in.) panels. Can be displayed fitted, spaced, or out of sequence if you like easy puzzles.

I also paint Portraits and Pet Portraits. E-mail me if you are interested in one. I use a $12.25 /linear inch rate plus materials per painting. Be sure to check out the prints and artwork printed items on sale. I have many of my paintings on limited edition prints and printed on everyday usable items. Take a look around at the paintings, limited edition prints and everyday art printed items we have to offer. I hope you find something for you or that special someone.

We really appreciate your patronage.

“Sadie” Painting. A small oil painting on basswood. (8in. x 8in.)

Recent painting of Bella and Ruby. Oil over acrylic on basswood. (11in. x 14in. x 3/4).

A painting of “The General” oil over acrylic on sized basswood panel. unvarnished. (H8in. x W8in. x D1/2in.)
A painting of “Lilly” Oil over acrylic on sized basswood panel. Unvarnished. (H24in. x W18in. x D3/4in.)
Painting “Knute”
A painting of “Knute”. Oil over Acrylic on sized basswood. (W18in. x H24in. x D3/4in.)
“Odin” (W18in. x H24in. x D3/4in.) Oil over acrylic on sized basswood panel.

“Artch Support” Painting. Some fun after a run. Oil over acrylic on Basswood. (12in. x 24in. x 3/4in.)

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