About the Artist

Welcome to Brilliams.Art

“Hooker Falls Photo Bomb”. Oil painting on basswood Panel (H12in x W48in x D1 1/4in.)

I am an artist living and working in Camden, South Carolina. Experimenting with paint and painting technique is a practice and borderline obsession. A practice that takes me on a journey that results in a calm and acute awareness. It’s a meditation technique if you will. Every new journey into painting is a discovery and an evolution. The paintings are essentially layers of paint added or subtracted over time. Painting for me is similar to dreaming during sleep, It is a way to slow life down and process. A journey into reflection and a chance to create new possibilities. The moments and memories in life give way to new possibilities. Painting like life, needs time to process and develop. Time takes time.

“Silex Spring Flapping Contest” Oil painting on birchwood panel . (H18in x W24in x D1 1/2in.)

I am currently working on a series of paintings inspired from living and working in Yellowstone National Park. I spent my time exploring and painting my impression of the park and the parks residence and visitors.

“Remember the Movie 2012”. Oil painting on birchwood panel (H18in x W36in. D 1 1/4in.)


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