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“Remember the Movie 2012” painting. Oil on Birchwood panel (h18in x w36in. d1 1/4in.)

I am an artist living in Camden, South Carolina. I began drawing and painting from early childhood. My mother encouraged creativity throughout my childhood. I Found it difficult to stay interested in my grade school classes. No such thing as A.D.D then. No internet to get information for school assignments then either. I would have a mix of half taken notes and drawings of random images. In high school my art teachers persuaded me to attend art school. I got a partial scholarship to a visual art school. Feeling special that I was excepted to a school for the visual arts with a partial scholarship, I enrolled. I had my own ideas I wanted to create and I wasn’t much interested in some of the professors assignments at the time. Of course, I did them anyway. I made good marks and enjoyed the atmosphere of creatives. A mixed bag to say the least. It was an interesting blend

“Larry and the Paddlers ” Oil painting on Birchwood. Glows under black light and in the dark. (H8in. x W10in. x D1/2in.)

“BBQ by the Potomac ” painting. Oil on Basswood Panel. (H9in x W12in x D1/2in.)

“Hooker Falls Photo Bomb “painting. Oil on Basswood Panel (H12in x W48in x D1 1/4in.)

Then the scholarship was used up and after my junior year I couldn’t afford to continue my art education so I dropped out. Trying to make the best of it and not willing to just give up. I continued making art and took various landscaping jobs the following years. I joined the Navy. I kept a small sketch book the entire time. After the Navy I worked in manufacturing. I worked for some years in manufacturing. Slowly the grind was turning me into a dull work robot.”Can’t an engineer create a machine to do this!” I began to feel uncomfortable with the repetitive work. I pushed my artwork away into a dark corner. I stopped drawing, painting and making art. I worked nights for years. I felt unfulfilled.

“Cold Hands Warm Heart” Paintings. Four Oil Paintings on Basswood Panel. 2 (H8in. x W8in.) 2 (H14in. x W11in.)

After not making any art for some time. I had a co-worker ask for a tattoo drawing. That got me thinking creatively again. (I occasionally drew tattoos up for work associates) One day I decided I wanted a tattoo. After drawing it up I went to an artist and had it tattooed. I was looking for a new place to get my next tattoo and I discovered a unique tattoo studio in a small house. A couple of years and a few tattoo sessions later the conversation about art came up and I told her I used to paint. She said “I didn’t know you were a painter”?! We made a trade deal. A painting for a tattoo! Wonderful! Finally something I would love to do! I began to paint again. The brushes have stayed busy since. One painting on the easel and considering the next.

“Artsch Support” Painting. Oil Painting on basswood panel. (H24in. x W12in. x D3/4in.)

I am always thinking about painting. It’s just fun to do. I feel fully focused when I paint. It’s an action, reaction process. It requires your full attention, patience and care.

I paint what I love. I paint life like a visual journal. First, I paint quickly out on location. Then I work in a few details later in my studio. How can I communicate this painting? What am I trying to say visually? I paint imagined things sometimes for a laugh. My approach and application for painting is ever evolving with each new work.

“Fog Clearing and 5 G Free” Painting. Oil on birch and Basswood Panels. 3 (H14in x W18in x d1 1/4in.) Panels

I am currently working on a series of paintings inspired from living and working in Yellowstone National Park. I spent my free time exploring and painting my impression of the park and the parks tourists. I also enjoy painting landscape portraits of my girlfriend and I around my hometown or wherever we go.

“Procession Alongside Minerva Terrace” Painting. Oil Painting on Basswood Panel. (H18in. x W24in. x D3/4in.)

“Couple at Firehole Lake” Painting. Oil painting on basswood. H24in. x W18in. x D3/4in.)

“Videographer at Yellowstone Lake” Painting. Oil on Basswood Panel. (H14in. x W18in. x D3/4in.)

“Darci ” Painting. Oil on Basswood Panel. (H14in x W11in x D3/4in)

“Grace and George” Painting. Oil painting on basswood panel. (H8in. x W8in. x D1/2in.)

“Sadie” Painting. A small oil painting on basswood. (H8in. x W8in. x D1/2in.)

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